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Effective ways and products to brighten dark under eye circles

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Who’s the main culprit for dark under eye circles? In my case it’s “Genetics”. And we hope it’s same in case of many other people fearing those dark under eye circles. But there are many other minor ones. Like lack of sleep, dehydration, aging, and bad treatment of your skin under eyes.


No matter what’s the reason behind, who’s the culprit, but in fact these Hollowed-out-shadows are not less than a nightmare. We noticed, some people who have pale, sensitive skins are more prone to dark eye-circles as the superficial blood vessels results in reddish-purple hues.


A day back, I instagramed an image of my dark under eye circles because they never ever disappear for a single moment of time. Genetics, my muscular disease and insomnia are the three causes in my case. Ok, the thing is how to get rid of. I asked many, even doctors. The only effective solution is makeup, but not the last one.  Here I have found some cool products to minimize and decolorize those dark shadows to some extent.


Here’s the list . . .


#1: Clarins sun screen for eyes SPF 30

#2: Estee Lauder Day Wear

#3: Neutrogena ultra gentle hydrating cleanser

#4: Clinique even better eyes

#5: Mac fast response eye cream


And the last but not the least is the filling agents (hyaluronic acid filling) and laser treatment. But for this always go to some professional dermatologist and make sure it results in something better not worse. 

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