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Best Beauty Buys: Stageline Professionals

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Stageline professionals

Thanks to liquid lipstick maestros like "Kylie" for they stay longer on your lips. It's everywhere from drugstore to cosmetic stores and online. These are the most searched item by women these days. We also have one in red (valentine special) by Stageline professionals. Not only is this but the X-volume mascara too in their super smart valentine gift package. A Surprise, though.

So today we are going to dig into the section "Best Beauty Buys", The Stageline professional and how they made you look cool.  



It's impressive, the formula is not too much watery and not just creamy. It requires two to three swipe to fill your lips. The brush is not doe foot, but still, it is easy to apply. A few minutes after applying it dried out totally and fixed on my lips. Now the point is time. For how long it stays on my lips. I counted.... and it comes out to be 4 hours with almost no cracks, as my lips are already in bad condition.  

Stageline Lipfix

Just after applying LipFix

Stageline Lipfix 7

After a few hours respectively. You can see the difference as it sets on my lips and fades out a little in the center.


Mascara brush is just right, perfect for a voluminous lash look. The trick is to apply it twice for getting that voluminous lash. The Intensity is too good and it dries out in just a few minutes without spreading anywhere around the eye.  

Stageline professionals


When it's about liquid lipsticks, why not a few hacks...

Do's and Don'ts of liquid lipstick 


According to some, Liquid lipsticks are easy to apply mostly because of their classic doe foot brush. Otherwise, it is uneasy to handle watery fluid on your lips. These contain more oils than the classic wax lipstick. But there's a problem with those liquid lipsticks when they dry they damage your lips. So it is necessary to prep your lips first before applying liquid lipstick. Another thing is when applying liquid lipstick don't forget "Less is more". Don't apply it in big quantity, rather apply in small quantities layer by layer.  


In addition, there are two ways to apply a liquid lipstick, One is a maestro way and the other one is a debutante. Maestro way is to apply liquid lipstick in a way that you have a clear fine crease of your lips at the end. But the other way is to apply a lip liner to make a perfect lip crease and then fill in that liquid lipstick. It is totally up to you, which one you want to go with.  


That's all, enjoy your day and share your lipstick experiences with us, especially if these are super cool.  


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