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Dr. Kureshi Essential Oils and Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub

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It’s over a month I am using and testing Dr. Kureshi products. What I found about them? I should share it with my readers to provide them the entire plus and shortages of the product. In my package there’s hair oil, Himalayan sea salt scrub and 3 essential oils. What I found about them is all here.


Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub:


Dr. Kureshi Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub



What’s special about using a sea-salt-scrub is the amazing feeling you get after an ocean swim. How if you get the same feeling at home, yeah fantastic. It simply soothe your skin, the oil in it keeps your skin soft, provide nourishment to dry dull skin and definitely stimulate circulation. This is what I experience.

Right after scrubbing your skin you feel soft for moments, that vanishes after sometime. But in the long run it really leaves good impression. Because I have dry skin, so it proves super-duper for me.



Might be you get some pink spots on your face right after scrubbing if you have sensitive skin like me, but don’t worry it disappear in a few hours, (2-3hrs).


Dr. Kureshi Intensive Hair Oil:


Dr. Kureshi Intensive Hair Oil



I massage this oil for a month, same like my skin my hairs are dry too, so it gives me a good feel. What I found best about that oil is relaxation I get right after hair massage and the glow I get after almost 15 days. It’s a combination of Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Walnut Oil. That’s why it has many qualities like hair damage repair, glow and growth.



The only bad thing I found about this oil is, it’s too greasy. You have to wash your hairs twice to remove the oil completely from your hairs.


Dr. Kureshi Essential Oils:


Dr. Kureshi Essential Oils


I use those Oils in combination with my beloved Johnson’s baby lotion that’s mild, and in dispenser to elevate my room’s atmosphere.



Lavender Essential Oil is my favorite one in the essential oil kit! It has a heavenly smell and will help you relax and relieve stress. It makes your skin smooth and help in vanishing spots on skin. It is said, it helps in cell regeneration.

Rose Essential Oil is my second favorite. Its fragrance is delightful, intoxicating, and romantic. It is best for my dry skin. After applying it you feel fresh.

Frankincense Essential Oil has some awkward smell that I don’t like but still it has anti-bacterial effect. So it’s best if you have acne on your skin, moisturize dry skin, and has anti-aging qualities. Means if your 30+, must use this oil regularly.



The only side effect I experience is dizziness if used in big quantity, might be a little allergic to aroma. So avoid using big quantities, 2-3 drops (a time) are enough.


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