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Blog we love: Natasha Kundi's Blog

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Natasha Kundi Blog

This week featured "Blog we Love" is Natasha Kundi's Blog. It's a fashion and beauty blog composing reviews and event updates. The most lovely part is the personal styling blog posts where the blogger puts fashionable stuff together to create a fabulous look. No, no, the story doesn't end here. Another good thing about the blog is the blogging tips section that they share with fellow bloggers.

The personality behind this wonderful blog is Natasha Kundi. She is a Beauty Makeup and Fashion Blogger. She was born in Lahore, Pakistan and brought up in twin cities Rawalpindi, but originally belong to a small town called Kundian. She graduated and worked as a Credit Manager in a well-known educational company. But besides all the boring work (Credit Manager), she is quite artistic, a passionate writer, a poet and a makeup geek. She has done some makeup courses as well.


Let's read what she answered to our questions we continue asking bloggers.


What inspired you to establish your blog?

I don't think anything inspired me to start blogging, it just happened. One thing I really wanted was to become famous and I used to see a lot of people getting a lot of attention on Instagram, so I thought I should also use my makeup skills to get attention on Instagram so I could take makeup artistry as a profession. I established a blog to showcase my work but to get more traffic I needed content and for that I started writing beauty articles. Then I ran out of ideas so I started reviewing the makeup products I already owned. This caught attention of a company called Vanity Planet in America. It was not a big company but I was eager to work so they sent me some products. And then it started from there. It was an exciting thing to do and I had nothing to lose.


Do you have any former relation with print and publishing media before establishing your blog?

I have no former relation. I studied Bioinformatics in my Bachelors and then worked in Finance for 6 years in London.SO I have never ever been a part of any publishing or print media.


Do you love writing or jumped here just by chance?

I do love writing but only Philosophical stuff and this was a long time ago. Then I had a writer's block and I stopped writing for good 10 years. I knew my cousins were making money by writing articles but when I tried to do it, I could not but blogging is a different kind of writing. Its one of those things that you can call your our own, like your baby. You nurture it and bring it up. I started off with beauty, then branched out to Fashion and Food and Traveling etc so now I call it a Lifestyle Blog.


Natasha Kundi's Blog - Blog we love

Where you think Pakistan Fashion Industry is standing?

Pakistan Fashion industry is doing good but I don't understand why we don't see Pakistani fashion Designers in big international malls. e.g. in UK you will find retailers selling Pakistani Designer clothes, you won't see an independent store apart from I think Junaid Jamshed and HSY. I don't know why they don't invest in making western clothes and aim to be seen in Selfridges in London or maybe Harrods. I must also add that they are pretty damn expensive. I would not spend that much money on an embellished dress that I would wear only once, or a lawn suit that I would wear for just one season. Instead I would invest in a Burberry or a Valentino coat or a bag or maybe shoes. I personally feel, Pakistani Designers do not cater for high-end-once-in-a-lifetime-investment kind of products.They only cater for a certain class of Pakistan and I do not think I belong to that class. Sadly I also do see a lot of stuff being copied.


What do you think about blogging future in Pakistan?

I think as far as interest of people goes, it will never die. But in terms of working with brands and PR teams, I don't see it building up at a faster pace. I feel that talent is not truly respected in Pakistan like it should be. People do not like to full fill commitments and maintain a good relationship. But I must praise the great work that Pakistani bloggers are doing out there, I am truly proud of the people that I come across every single day. The best thing about Pakistani Bloggers is that they are not full time bloggers but part time, and their real jobs are mostly highly skilled ones e.g. doctors, engineers etc. Its just surreal.


Do you think blogging is a complete career?

Yes, if you give it your best, it can become a career but I do not think that it can be in Pakistan unless you travel abroad on a regular basis. Pakistan is very limited to resources. Also companies in Pakistan don't like to spend money on bloggers whereas, abroad there is a huge scope.


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