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Interview: BRANDS Just Pret team

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conversation with Brands Just Pret

BRANDS Just Pret, a multi-label store launched by Hadi Anwar, Hassah Hadi and Somaya Adnan, providing a pristine consumer shopping experience, is the hope for the upcoming designers. We get the opportunity to interview BRANDS Just Pret team to know how they struggle and stand out among the crowd.

Q: Can you give us some background on the BRANDS Just Pret label, how this happened and what inspired you?

We met through Hadi’s sister Sabeen and it was a very casual discussion one day which led to the formation of BJP. Somaya had experience in the fashion industry while Hadi and Hasaah bring business set-up, financial and technology enablement elements to the business.


Q: How would you describe your brand aesthetics in just a few words?

Our brand aesthetics are simple; to provide our customers with top notch products and services. The product and service combined together is what makes any brand successful.


Q: Who is playing more outstandingly among three of you, Hadi Hassah and Somaya?

I think all of us are doing outstanding in our own way. We have different expertise and excel in our relevant departments. That’s what makes us a strong team.

Hadi Anwar, BRANDS Just Pret 


Q: What kind of clothes do the three of you love to wear?

We love to wear the kind of clothes we sell; stylish but budget friendly.


Q: As a communicator, what message do you think is most remarkable to send customers today, when there is quite a huge competition among multi label stores?

I think the most important thing is to make your customers feel comfortable and provide them with as much ease as possible. We train our staff personally to make sure they treat each customer with equal attention and we even go out of the way sometimes just to make them feel comfortable.


Q: What one quality differs you from the other multi-label retailers and which quality of Brands Just Pret, do you think people are not aware of?

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we are the store with the highest number of new designers on our panel. The designers might be new but there are certain standards they have to meet to be featured in our store. This is the reason why we are able to offer our customers designs which they cannot find anywhere else, yet are very affordable.


Q: How important a role do accessories play in a multi-label store, do you have some at BJP outlets?

As of now, our main focus is clothes. We are planning on expanding slowly; though you can find some shoes and bags in our outlets as of now.

Hassah Hadi, Somaya Adnan BRANDS Just Pret


Q: Do you think a lavish and modern interior design plays an important role in the success of multi-label stores?

Well, the interior does play a very important part in the success of any store. If the interior is eye catching, the customers automatically want to spend more time there. So yes, the interior does count a lot. It’s kind of like the packaging.


Q: Who is your target audience, and from which social circle do they belong?

Our target audience is social housewives and working women who look for value for their hard earned money. We try to cater to clients with all kinds of tastes and budgets.


Q: Where would you like to see the brand go?

We would like to see our brand go international. We already have two branches in UAE, and would like to expand our branches all over the world.


Q: What advice do you have for designers with no fashion background?

One simple advice I have for upcoming designers is to maintain their originality and not blindly follow whatever top designers are making.


Q: What male and female public figures do you think are most stylish in Pakistan?

In male I think Ali Zafar and Mekaal Zulfiqaar, and in ladies Nadia Hussain and Maira Khan.

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