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foodpanda Best of 2016: Dont Cook, grab the best discounted deals

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To delight the palate of Epicures, foodpanda brings in a year-end treat themed "Best of 2016". The thing is ready-made khao, chutti manao, #DontCook ORDER NOW. Ok, foodies, the wait is over, I am going to disclose all the deals in the major cities and nationwide. 




Who knows well more than Lahoris "how to treat their palates like kings and queens". The epicures and food lovers always remain in search of best deals in town. So here comes the list, grab the best one, order online from foodpanda and remember;


Lock your Kitchen, Don't Cook!





So Karachites, just lock your kitchens, log into foodpanda online, order the best deals to soothe your taste buds. This weekend, call your friends and rock the parties; go celebrate the year end fabulously. Don't miss! 80% discount, you will never get again that, this year.



Deals for just Friday 23rd December 2016.





Isloo foodies, come celebrate the year end with foodpanda, because they are offering 80% discount on more than 200 plus restaurants. Don't miss it. Log onto to foodpanda and choose the best food for you.





Your favorite food chains like Dominos, KFC, McDonalds, Subway, OPTP, Hardees, and Johnny Rocket offer discounted deals nationwide. It's an amazing opportunity for all Pakistanis to avail the discounted deals from those smart food chains.



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