To be the best this year you have to adapt 15 best habits. it's time to be more reflective, more positive and energetic. Here is my list I am going to follow in 2017. I hope you do too. . . 

To delight the palate of Epicures, foodpanda brings in a year-end treat themed "Best of 2016". The thing is ready-made khao, chutti manao, #DontCook ORDER NOW. Ok, foodies, the wait is over, I am going to disclose all the deals in the major cities and nationwide. 

I recently accompanied a friend to First Women Bank, Gulberg Branch, Lahore for a quick errand. It was my first visit to the Bank, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. We walked in and found FWBL is currently celebrating their customer week nationwide with the theme ‘Hum Haazir Hein’.

Potato city faisalabad

What's hot in the city foodies? When I am into food craving, I searched every inch of the place to find the best one, not only the food but the environment and options too. The one that not only soothes my taste buds but my pocket too. That's budget friendly and yummy.

Summer holiday destinations

Yeh! Hurrah! Kids summer holidays have started with fun and relaxation at home. Being a mom and a blogger, uff I have double duties. So along with my little champs, I am happy too. What's next, Yes of course, a break from work and happy hours with family.  

stay healthy with home remedies

The answer to various health ailments does not always lie between medicines. There are numerous home remedies for different health issues that you can easily try at home without fear of any side effects whatsoever.

Nescafe Basement 2016

The revival of folk music of 1940’s featuring Alam Lohar is captivating and is the foundation of fascination for many contemporary folk music fans. But not only are the fans the sole creditors. For the revival of folk music, the other credit goes to platforms like Coke Studio, Nescafe Basement and the singers who simply stuck to traditional folk music, popularizing and reviving it once again.