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5 Pieces to Invest in Your Winter Wardrobe

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The one thing that I've learned about my wardrobe is the importance of key pieces. The ones that never get out of fashion, linger and stay true whatever the trend may be. I am talking about those classic pieces that you can style for years to come.


We are going to share 5 PIECES TO INVEST IN YOUR WINTER WARDROBE with you right now via our shopping guide.  


1: White Cross Body Bag by Hub


5 Pieces to invest in your winter wardrobe


This white cross body bag will prove to be that classic piece we talked about. It stays true to trend whatever the trend might be. Because it's neutral so you take it with any outfit. Another plus is its season friendly look, so you can use it in spring/summer too.  


2: Buttoned-down trench coat by Zeen Women 



Because outerwears are a must have so a nice one in your wardrobe would be a gem. I love this trench coat in black with white lines (monochrome look) because of its length and style it never goes out of fashion.  


3: Black Boots by Insignia 


These black zipped boats will prove to be a warm therapy for your feet in winter. As far as the style is concerned, its classic boot shape and fine finish will keep it in your wardrobe for long.   


4: White sweater by Pepe Jeans 



It's a dual purpose piece, you can wear it as a sweater over some shirt or dress or like a shirt under some of your coolest coat. Because of its neutral color and minimalistic style, it lingers in your wardrobe.   


5: Sapphire Red n white Scarf 



This is another one of those accessories you know you'll use year after year. Then why not invest in one neutral winter tones. So don't be afraid to splurge on one you love.  


Although some of them are pricey but those are the classic pieces that you’ll wear forever. They are the items worth saving up for that will last you for years to come.


Invest in yourself, you can afford it, trust me!

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